Elevate your game with the Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z3 Kento Momota Ltd. This indoor court shoe, in a sleek white design, is engineered for those who value shock-absorbing power and stability.

It features a Power Cushion sheet, ensuring your footwork is fast, light, and comfortable. The Power Graphite Sheet adds stability, allowing for quick and smooth movements.

The unique sole pattern increases traction, while the Toe Assist Shape and Radial Blade Sole are designed for maximum energy efficiency. Perfect for players seeking a blend of style and performance.

Best for Badminton Who Value Comfort, Stability, and Style

Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z3

Product details:

Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Sole Material: Rubber

Outer Material: Synthetic material

Closure Type: Lace-Up


The Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z3 Kento Momota Ltd is a high-performance shoe that combines Yonex's best technology. As a top model in the Yonex Power Cushion 65 series, it offers an improved fit and added stability, making it one of Yonex's most versatile court shoes.

It features a synthetic upper with a Lateral Shell to prevent sliding at the sole's edge. With a seamless design that eliminates stitching, these shoes provide a natural fit. The 65 Z3 is equipped with Power Cushion+ technology, delivering enhanced cushioning and comfort compared to standard Power Cushion.

Key Features:

  • Improved fit and added stability
  • Lateral Shell on the outside of the forefoot
  • Seamless Design without stitching
  • Power Cushion+ for improved cushioning and comfort

Why Would You Like It?

If you're a court sports player seeking a shoe that combines comfort, stability, and style, the Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z3 Kento Momota Ltd is an excellent choice.

Its superior cushioning technology ensures comfort during play, while its improved fit and added stability enhance your performance on the court. Plus, its stylish design adds a fashionable touch to your sports gear.

How To Choose Badminton Shoes

Choosing the right badminton shoes is crucial for performance and safety. Here are key tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Focus on Footwork: Look for shoes that support fast and light footwork. A shoe that allows for quick, agile movements is essential in badminton.
  • Sole Design: Pay attention to the sole pattern. A sole that increases traction will provide a better grip on court surfaces, which is essential for quick directional changes. The radial blade sole, designed for this purpose, can be a great feature.
  • Stability: Ensure the shoe has stability features, like a power graphite sheet, especially in the mid-to-heel area. This helps maintain balance during rapid movements.
  • Cushioning for Energy: Opt for shoes with a round sole to maximize energy efficiency. This helps in reducing fatigue and improving performance.
  • Lateral Support: A lateral shell located in the shoe helps achieve smoother movement and provides additional support, significant in the toe and mid areas of the foot.
  • Comfort and Fit: Choose shoes that allow quick and smooth footwork without compromising comfort. The right fit is crucial to prevent injuries and blisters.
  • Suitability for Indoor Courts: Since badminton is typically played indoors, select a shoe specifically designed for indoor courts. The color (like white) can be a preference but focus on functionality.

Remember, the right badminton shoes can significantly impact your game, providing the support, comfort, and stability needed for optimal performance.

how to choose badminton shoes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Yonex series is head-heavy?

Yonex's Voltric series is known for its head-heavy balance, designed for offensive foot movements and generating significant impact energy. This feature is particularly favored by players who rely on powerful shots and fast-paced footwork.

Is Li-Ning shoes better than Yonex?

Whether Li-Ning shoes are better than Yonex varies based on personal preference. Yonex is renowned for its innovative technology like the Yonex Power Cushion construction and the Round Sole for max energy, providing stable and swift footwork. Li-Ning also offers quality footwear, but many athletes prefer Yonex for its power graphite sheet stable design and enhanced traction sole pattern.

What is the lightest Yonex shoe?

Yonex offers several lightweight shoe models. Shoes with Power Graphite Lite and Synchro Fit Insole Construction are known for being extremely lightweight, providing smooth transfer and increased footwork response without sacrificing support.

Which shoes are best for badminton?

The best badminton shoes should offer stability, cushioning, and agility. Look for features like a sole pattern increasing traction, a synthetic leather upper for durability, and a seamless upper design for comfort. Yonex shoes, with their double Raschel mesh and conventional cushioning material, offer a blend of breathability, comfort, and performance, suitable for both swift footwork and long-wearing comfort.