Are you curious about what golf towels professional golfers use during their rounds and why they seem to use them so frequently?

If you've ever watched a PGA Tour event, you may have noticed that caddies are constantly using towels to clean clubheads, golf balls, and even the player's hands and grips.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the types of golf towels that the pros use and the reasons behind their frequent use during a round. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this essential piece of equipment on the golf course.

What golf towels do the Pros use?

Golf enthusiasts have different preferences when it comes to golf towels. Cotton golf towels were once popular, but microfiber golf towels have become the best golf towels in recent years.

They are highly absorbent, quick-drying, and have a gentle waffle pattern that removes dirt without causing damage to golf equipment. Unlike other golf towels, microfiber towels are lint-free, making them ideal for cleaning a golf club, golf ball, and even sweaty hands and grips.

No wonder they have become a go-to choice for professionals to enhance their golf game.

Types of Golf Towels

There are several types of golf towels available, including:

  1. Standard golf towel: A standard golf towel is a rectangular towel made of cotton or microfiber. It is usually attached to a golfer's golf bag with a clip or a carabiner.
  2. Personalized golf towel: A personalized golf towel is a towel that has the golfer's name or initials embroidered on it. It can also have the golfer's favorite sports team or logo on it.
  3. Cooling golf towel: A cooling golf towel is made of a special material that can be soaked in water and then used to cool down the golfer's body during hot weather.
  4. Magnetic golf towel: A magnetic golf towel is a towel that has a magnetic clip attached to it. The magnetic clip can be attached to the golfer's golf bag or golf cart, making it easy to access the towel when needed.
  5. Tri-fold golf towel: A tri-fold towel is folded into thirds. It usually has a grommet in the center so that it can be hung on a hook.

Overall, golf towels are an essential accessory for golfers as they help keep golf clubs and balls clean, dry, and free of debris during the game.

Preferred Type of Golf Towel for Pros or Caddies

Professional golfers and caddies often prefer using high-quality golf towels that are durable and easy to access.

Microfiber towel is the top choice for golf towels due to their exceptional absorbency and quick-drying properties, while the convenience of a magnetic attachment makes it a practical option for all golfers. This magnetic microfiber golf towel can be easily attached to a golf cart or a golfer's bag, making it easily accessible during play.

Overall, the best golf towel for professionals and caddies is one that is reliable, practical, and made from high-quality materials.

Check out this amazing video highlighting the impressive benefits of using a magnetic golf towel!

What purposes are they utilized for?

Golf towels are an essential tool for any golfer, especially for the pros. Let's take a closer look at the purposes of golf towels.

Purposes of Golf Towels:

  • Cleaning Clubs: Golf clubs can collect foreign objects such as water, dirt, sand, or even grass on the clubface, affecting the ball's trajectory. Golf towels come in handy to keep the clubheads dry and clean after every shot.
  • Cleaning the Golf Ball: Dirt and grime on the golf ball can affect the ball's rolling motion, leading it to roll offline when putting. Golf towels are used to clean the ball, especially in the lift, clean, and place conditions.
  • Drying a Player's Hands: Wet and sweaty hands can cause a player to lose grip on the club, leading to poor shots. Golf towels come in handy to dry players' hands, ensuring a good grip on the club.
  • Drying the Grips on the Club: Moisture on the grips can cause them to become slippery, making it difficult for the player to control the club during a swing. Golf towels help to dry the grips, ensuring a secure grip on the club.

Golf towels play an essential role in a golfer's game. They are used for cleaning clubs and golf balls and drying a player's hands, and grips. Investing in a high-quality golf towel can help any golfer maintain their equipment and ensure a good grip for better shots.

The Bottom Line

Golf towels are a crucial accessory for every golfer, especially for professionals and caddies. Microfiber towels are the top choice due to their exceptional absorbency and quick-drying properties.

Golf towels are utilized to clean clubs and golf balls, dry hands and grips, and maintain equipment for better shots. Investing in a high-quality golf towel can help golfers improve their game and enhance their overall experience on the course.