Tennis enthusiasts, from power players to casual weekend hitters, are always on the hunt for equipment that can enhance their gameplay.  

Enter the HEAD Ti. Instinct Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet—a fusion of HEAD's legacy in revolutionizing athletic gear and modern technological advances.

Born out of a passion for bringing innovation to sports like skiing and tennis, HEAD's offering is poised to set new benchmarks.

Whether you're a beginner still mastering precision with tennis balls or an adult player looking for durability and control, this racquet promises to cater to a wide age range.

Constructed with durable Nano Titanium technology and boasting an oversized head, the HEAD Ti.

Instinct offers both lightweight stability and a generous sweet spot. But what truly sets it apart?

In this review, we'll delve into its features, pros, and cons, and provide a comprehensive overview for those considering this racquet.

Dive in to uncover if this aluminum marvel aligns with your tennis aspirations.

A testament to HEAD's legacy of revolutionizing athletic equipment, the HEAD Ti. Instinct Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet is designed with the beginner in mind.

Crafted with durable Nano Titanium technology, this lightweight racquet offers stability and a larger sweet spot, making it an optimal choice for those still honing their precision in tennis.

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Best for Beginners and Casual Players


  • Durability: Made with robust Nano Titanium technology, ensuring longevity.
  • Larger Sweet Spot: The oversized 108" head provides more room for error, aiding players in mastering precision.
  • Stability: Headlight balance offers better control and reduced vibration.
  • Lightweight: At just 9.7 ounces, the racquet is easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a broad age range, especially adult beginners.


  • Material: As it's made of aluminum, advanced players might seek materials like graphite for more nuanced play.
  • Target Audience: Might not be suitable for professional or advanced players looking for racquets tailored to high-performance games.


  • Oversized 108" Head: Promotes a larger sweet spot, which is highly forgiving and advantageous for beginners.
  • Head Light Balance: Aides in reducing vibration and boosts stability during ball impact.
  • Durable Nano Titanium Technology: Ensures longevity and robustness of the racquet.
  • Aluminum Construction: Offers a lightweight yet sturdy frame, shaft, and overall material.
  • Grip Size 4 3/8 Inches: Provides a comfortable and firm hold, ensuring a stable grip during play.
  • Frame Weight 9.7 Ounces: Light enough to manage and control, especially for newer players.
  • Length of 27 Inches: Standard length providing a good balance and reach for adult players.

How to Choose the HEAD Ti. Instinct Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet

  • Technology: Built with durable titanium, ensuring longevity in gameplay.
  • Performance: Offers controlled power with its headlight advantage, enhancing swing speeds.
  • Construction: HEAD's unique design incorporates graphite composite construction for robustness.
  • Safety: Reduced risk of arm injuries due to its design and weight distribution.
  • Variants: Consider other models like the Instinct Supreme for varied play styles.
  • Extras: The racquet's head synthetic gut string provides added power and spin.

With the HEAD Ti. Instinct Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet, both beginners and intermediate players get an edge in the game, thanks to its unique features and construction. Choose wisely and play hard!

how to choose the head ti. instinct pre strung tennis racquet

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays with the head instinct racket?

Players from beginners to intermediates often opt for the HEAD Instinct racket due to its appealing features. The Ti Instinct Comp Tennis model, in particular, provides more power and allows players to hit the ball harder with its headlight advantage. Some professionals might also favor the Instinct line, but it's wise to check for the most recent endorsements.

What does pre-strung mean in a tennis racket?

A pre-strung tennis racket, like the Ti Instinct Comp Tennis racket, comes already strung, meaning it's ready for use upon purchase. This is especially convenient for junior players or those who prefer not to select and string a racket separately. With head synthetic gut string, it grants extra power and added spin right off the shelf.

Are head racquets better than Babolat?

Choosing between HEAD and Babolat racquets often comes down to personal preference as both brands have their own merits. HEAD's Instinct Comp Tennis Racquet, for instance, features titanium technology for added durability. Comparatively, Babolat may focus on different features and technologies in their rackets. Testing and selecting based on your specific playing style and needs is crucial.

What racket did Billie Jean King use?

Billie Jean King utilized a variety of rackets throughout her illustrious career. For specific match and racket details, it’s recommended to refer to particular match archives or her record.

Do any pros use the head instinct?

Yes, several professional tennis players have endorsed or utilized rackets from the HEAD Instinct line in their careers. The HEAD Instinct racket line, known for its o-beam racquet structure and specific head size, is designed to provide a balanced playing style, which can be beneficial for pros who need a combination of power and control.