For young tennis enthusiasts eager to step onto the court, choosing the right racket is crucial.

Enter the Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket – a beacon of hope for budding tennis stars aged 2 to 4.

This review delves into the nitty-gritty of what makes this particular junior racquet stand out.

From its 19" length to the durable aluminum construction, we'll weigh the pros and cons, helping you determine if it’s the perfect fit for the young player in your life.

Whether you're curious about the weight, the grip size, or simply the overall design, this overview aims to leave no stone unturned.

Read on to discover more about this promising beginner-friendly racket tailored for youth.

The Dunlop Sports Nitro 19” Junior Tennis Racket is an aluminum-crafted gem perfect for introducing tennis to the youngest of players.

Tailored for tots aged 2-4, this racket focuses on providing a friendly, manageable introduction to the sport, ensuring that the little ones can swing, hit, and enjoy with utmost ease and confidence.

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Best for Youth Players Aged 2-4 Years Old


  • Child-Friendly Design: Sized and weighted perfectly for 2-4-year-olds, offering an accessible and enjoyable playing experience.
  • Lightweight: The mere 7.5-ounce weight ensures that the racket is easily maneuverable for young players, minimizing the risk of strain.
  • Durable Material: Constructed with aluminum, it promises durability and a decent lifespan, even in the hands of the most energetic youngsters.
  • Renowned Brand: Coming from Dunlop, a well-regarded name in the tennis world, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Build Confidence: Ample head size and lightweight build are likely to boost early playing confidence among the young ones.


  • Limited Age Range: With its specific design for very young players, older kids or those progressing quickly may outgrow it fast.
  • Material Limitations: While aluminum is durable, it may not offer the same level of power or precision as some other materials used in more advanced rackets.


  • Length and Size: Compact and manageable 19" length.
  • Brand Confidence: Crafted by reputable tennis brand, Dunlop Sports.
  • Material: Durable and lightweight aluminum frame construction.
  • Grip Size: A comfortable 4-inch grip size suitable for the tiniest hands.
  • Skill Appropriation: Specifically designed for beginners, prioritizing ease and fun.
  • Weight: Feather-light, boasting an unstrung weight of 7.4 oz (approx. 7.5 oz when strung).
  • Age Suitability: Perfectly tailored for youth players, specifically those aged 2-4 years old.
  • Head Size: A friendly 83 sq in head size, making for an ample hitting surface for beginners.

How to Choose Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket

Navigating through tennis racquets for juniors? Here’s a short guide on choosing a racket from the Dunlop Nitro series:

  • Nitro Variants: Select among Nitro 21, 23, and 25, aligning with the player’s age and skill. Particularly, Nitro 25 is commendable for kids aged 6-9.
  • Check Price: Ensure the price aligns with your budget. The Nitro series is recognized for being budget-friendly while not compromising on quality, so you save without the sacrifice.
  • Purchasing: Add the chosen racket to your cart and submit your order. With Dunlop Inc., anticipate a smooth, non-robot purchasing experience.
  • Review and Ages: Skim through specific reviews and ensure the chosen model suits the ages of the young player.

In essence, choosing a racket from the Dunlop Nitro series involves considering the specific model, price, and age of the junior player.

Remember to sift through reviews for firsthand experiences and insights!

how to choose dunlop sports nitro junior tennis racket

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a junior tennis racket?

Look for the Dunlop Nitro series, considering the junior's age, size, and skill level, ensuring it’s lightweight and made of sturdy material like aluminum.

Do any pros use Dunlop racquets?

Yes, several professionals have played with Dunlop racquets, famed for precision and control. Check Dunlop Inc. for recent endorsements.

How to choose a tennis racket for a 12-year-old?

Consider a larger model like the Nitro 25, ensuring it’s light, stable, and has a large head size to instill confidence in its strokes.

How do you size a junior tennis racket?

Match the racket size to the junior’s height and age, ensuring it doesn’t surpass their fingertips when upright and reaches their ankle when sideways.

Can adults play with junior rackets?

While possible, it’s not recommended due to the smaller and lighter size of junior rackets, like those in the Nitro series, which may affect adults' game power and stability.