When it comes to Halloween parties, everyone gets excited about the awesome Halloween treat bags. If you're throwing a Halloween bash, check out these cool bag ideas to make your party favors stand out. You can go for simple paper bags with a jack-o-lantern face or get crafty with treat boxes made from card stock and decorated with googly eyes.

You can also try wrapping treats in crepe paper or tissue paper shaped like candy corn. For a more eco-friendly option, think about using toilet paper rolls wrapped in tissue paper with cute Halloween designs. Whether you're filling them with Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters or adding crafts for older kids, these treat bag ideas are gonna be a hit. The goal is to send your party guests home with Halloween treats they'll totally love.

Alright, make sure you grab plenty of Halloween treat bags because when the party's done, everyone, especially the little trick-or-treaters, will be excitedly filling up their bags. With these bag and treat box ideas, all your guests, from the little ones to the older kids, will leave your Halloween bash with a big smile.

Best Halloween Goodie Bags

Best for Halloween Events Where Treats Need to Be Distributed

ONFAON Halloween Goodie Bags

Product Information:

  • Quantity: 180 bags
  • Material: High-quality BOPP
  • Designs: 4 different Halloween patterns
  • Size: 10.8" x 4.9"
  • Extras: Comes with 200pcs twist ties

The ONFAON Halloween Cellophane Treat Bags are perfect for handing out Halloween treats. They're made of a strong material that's durable and food-safe. Plus, the fun Halloween designs are a hit with kids! Using these bags makes treat distribution a breeze and keeps everything well-organized.

Why You Need It?

These bags are super easy to use and help keep treat-giving organized and tidy. Plus, their clear design lets you see what's inside, making sure you hand out treats with precision. Perfect for all your Halloween festivities!

Best for Halloween Parties, Trick or Treat Events

Rulyyo Halloween Trick or Treat Goody Gags Gift Bags

Product Information:

  • Quantity: 40 bags
  • Material: Premium paper
  • Designs: 8 different Halloween-themed patterns
  • Extras: A set of assorted stickers for sealing treats

Level up your Halloween festivities with the Rulyyo Trick or Treat Goody Gags Gift Bags! These bags feature 8 awesome Halloween designs, guaranteeing an exciting experience at your event. Made from high-quality paper, they're built to last and eco-friendly too. Plus, each bag comes with cool stickers, turning every treat into a mini gift and making the collection process even more unforgettable.

Why You Need It?

The Rulyyo bags are super durable and user-friendly, all thanks to the awesome stickers they come with. They totally level up the whole candy distribution thing, making it super organized and fun. Instead of the usual shared candy bucket, these individual bags give it that personal touch. Plus, the clear design lets the kids sneak a peek at their treats, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Best for Halloween Parties, Trick or Treat Events

LOMIMOS Halloween Candy Bags

Product Information:

  • Quantity: 150 bags
  • Material: Cellophane plastic
  • Extras: 300PCS twist ties included

LOMIMOS Halloween bags are designed for displaying and storing treats. With a clear plastic design, you can easily show off the contents. Made from durable cellophane plastic, they ensure safe food storage. Each bag can be securely sealed using the provided twist ties.

Why You Need It?

The LOMIMOS bags are super strong and easy to use with the twist ties. They make giving out Halloween candies so much easier and organized. Instead of a big candy bowl, these individual bags are really practical. Plus, they're see-through, so kids can see all their treats and get even more excited about the candy!

Best for Halloween Parties, Trick or Treat Events

JOYIN 96 Halloween Drawstring Treat Bags

Product Information:

  • Quantity: 96 bags
  • Material: Durable material
  • Designs: 6 Halloween patterns
  • Closure: Drawstring

JOYIN has got you covered with 96 Halloween drawstring bags, perfect for holding all those treats! With 6 unique designs to choose from, you'll have plenty of options for your event. These bags are made from a sturdy material, so you can trust them to safely store your food items. Plus, each bag comes with a drawstring to keep everything nice and secure.

Why You Need It?

JOYIN bags are totally reliable and super simple thanks to the drawstring closure. They're a great way to hand out Halloween candies efficiently. Instead of using a big container, give candies in these individual bags. Kids will totally love them! Plus, the designs make the treat-receiving experience even more fun.

Best for Halloween Parties, Trick or Treat Events

LOKIPA Halloween Paper Gift Bags

Product Information:

  • Quantity: 24 bags
  • Material: Durable paper
  • Designs: Spooky Halloween designs (Ghost, Witch Hat, Pumpkin, Bat)
  • Extras: Handle for easy carrying

Get ready to amp up your Halloween festivities with LOKIPA Halloween Paper Gift Bags! These bags feature spooky and artistic designs like Ghost, Witch Hat, Pumpkins, and Bat. Made from sturdy paper, they're perfect for safely storing your treats. Plus, the convenient handle makes it a breeze to carry them around. Let the Halloween fun begin!

Why You Need It?

The LOKIPA bags are super sturdy and practical with their carry handle. They make Halloween candy distribution a breeze, offering a neat alternative to a big candy bucket. Kids will absolutely love these individual bags, and the cool designs will make their treat collection even more exciting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in a Halloween goodie bag?

You can put a variety of Halloween party favors in a goodie bag. This can range from sweet treats, homemade crafts, creepy toys, printable games, or even DIY hocus-pocus-themed items. Depending on the country, traditional goodies might vary, but universally, candies are a huge hit.

How to make a goodie bag for Halloween?

Making a goodie bag for Halloween can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Start with a basic bag, which can be store-bought or homemade. Decorate it using craft supplies, such as paint, stickers, or printable Halloween designs. Fill it with delicious candies, creepy toys, or DIY crafts. Don't forget to wrap or stick a label indicating what's inside, especially if it's homemade.

What is in a good goodie bag?

A good goodie bag should have a mix of sweets, toys, and perhaps a few Halloween-themed crafts or printable activities. Depending on the age group, you might also include more age-appropriate items: fun crafts for younger kiddos, creepy items for older kids, and even DIY kits that the whole family can join in creating.

How do you decorate a Halloween treat bag?

There are numerous ways to decorate a Halloween treat bag. One popular method is to paint or print spooky designs on them, like ghosts or pumpkins. Using orange and black crepe paper to wrap or craft elements can add to the festive feel. Also, don't rest on just one design; you can get creative with various Halloween themes.

What do you fill a gift bag with?

For Halloween, fill gift bags with a combination of treats, ranging from candies to homemade crafts. Other ideas include printable Halloween puzzles, DIY Halloween crafts, or small toys. Think about the age group and what would be a huge hit with them—glow sticks for the kids going out in costume, for instance.

What should I give at Halloween?

Halloween is all about the spooky and sweet. Popular items to give include candies, DIY craft kits, printable games, or creepy toys. If you're hosting a Halloween party, set up a table with various party favors that friends and guests can grab before they leave the house. Remember, it's about making it memorable for the kiddos, boys, and girls alike, so always think of their likes and interests.