Are you tired of your golf cart feeling like it's stuck in the mud, even on the smoothest of fairways? Do you want to add some extra pizzazz to your ride?

No need to worry because our top picks of wheel spacers for gold carts are here! They are designed to fit all types of carts and provide the perfect solution for getting your cart moving again.  

These little gems will give your cart the boost it needs to roll with ease and make your fellow golfers jealous.

With our wheel spacers, you won’t have to worry about uneven terrain or rough roads slowing down your game.

You can enjoy smooth rides on any surface with these durable and reliable products.

How We Choose The Best Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

At ReviewRoutine, we make choosing the best wheel spacers for gold carts seriously. We understand that wheel spacers play a crucial role in the performance and safety of your golf cart, so we've developed a detailed process to ensure we recommend only the best options.

Here are some of the key factors we consider when choosing golf cart wheel spacers:

  • Compatibility: The wheel spacers we recommend must be compatible with your specific golf cart make and model.
  • Material: We consider the material used to manufacture the wheel spacers. High-quality materials like aluminum and stainless steel are preferred as they are durable and can withstand extreme conditions.
  • Size: The size of the wheel spacer is important. We ensure that the spacer is not too large or too small to avoid causing any harm to the vehicle or its passengers.
  • Brand reputation: We research the brand and its reputation for producing high-quality and reliable wheel spacers.
  • Customer reviews: We go through customer reviews to see if there are any recurring issues or concerns with the product. We only recommend products with positive feedback from customers.
  • Price: We understand that price is an important factor for our customers, so we ensure that the products we recommend offer value for money.

RockTrix 1-inch Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

VLAOSCHI Black Forged 4x4 Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

ECCPP 4 pcs 1.5 inch 4x4 to 4x4 Wheel Spacers

Orion Motor Tech OMT 4x100 Wheel Spacers

KSP 4x4 Wheel Spacers for Golf Cart

Best for Improved Stability and Increased Traction

RockTrix 1-inch Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

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Why We Think It is a Great Option

Can you believe the positive reviews for RockTrix 1-inch Golf Cart Wheel Spacers? Customers are talking about how easy they are to install and how they improve the stance of their lifted golf carts.

Not only do they provide an aggressive look, but they also offer more stability and a smoother ride at higher speeds.

The spacers are heavy and well-made, and customers have had no issues with fitting them onto their carts.

If you're in the market for golf cart parts that will enhance your ride, consider giving RockTrix a try.

With such glowing feedback on open media, you won't be disappointed.

Top Features and Specifications:

  • Fits many 4/4", 4/101.6, and 4/100 bolt pattern golf carts and ATVs
  • Made from high-quality aerospace billet aluminum
  • Stud/Nut Thread Size: 1/2-20
  • Provides additional clearance for larger or wider rims/wheels/tires
  • Precise machined stud/nut threads prevent cross-threading
  • Heat-treated carbon steel studs
  • Anodized finish prevents corrosion and rust
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Whether you're looking to lift your club cart or simply improve its performance and appearance, this is an excellent choice.

These wheel spacers provide the best service and are built to last and can help you get the most out of your golf experience.

Best for Better Balance and Enhanced Performance

VLAOSCHI Black Forged 4x4 Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

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Why We Think It is a Great Option

Do you want to improve your golf cart's stability and safety? The perfect fit for you is no other than the VLAOSCHI Black Forged 4x4 Golf Cart Wheel Spacers.

Customers love their full-page fit and easy installation, making them a hassle-free addition to your cart check.

With increased width, you'll enjoy greater stability and control during emergency maneuvers or off-road adventures.

Don't compromise on safety - enhance your golf cart with VLAOSCHI wheel spacers today!


These spacers are designed to give your vehicle a more aggressive stance and improve handling, while also providing extra clearance for larger wheels or tires.

Made from high-quality materials and easy to install, they're a great way to upgrade your cart's center of gravity and improve your driving experience.

Top Features and Specifications:

  • Made from FORGED 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum
  • CNC precisely machined
  • Anodized to prevent surface corrosion and rust
  • Pre-installed heat-treated 10.9-grade carbon steel studs
  • Compatible with many 4/4", 4/101.6, 4/100 bolt pattern Golf Cart and ATV vehicles
  • Pack of 4 Wheel Spacers

With a two-year warranty and easy bolt-on installation, these spacers are a great investment for any serious golf cart enthusiast.

Improve your golf cart with these wheel spacers now!

Best for Enhanced Cornering and Better Handling

ECCPP 4 pcs 1.5 inch 4x4 to 4x4 Wheel Spacers

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Why We Think It is a Great Option

Are you in search of a reliable wheel spacer for your golf cart? The ECCPP 4 pcs 1.5 inch 4x4 to 4x4 Wheel Spacers are the perfect choice for you! Customers praise its great fit and performance.

Whether you're looking to enhance the stability of your ride or achieve a more aggressive look, these wheel spacers are a great option to consider.

So why wait? Order your ECCPP wheel spacers today and experience the difference they can make for your golf cart!


Designed to provide better handling and a more aggressive stance, these spacers are a great choice for any golf cart enthusiast.

Some of their top features and specifications include:

  • Compatible with E-Z G-O CLUB CAR for Golf CART
  • Made from high-quality T6 billet aluminum
  • 4 lug fitment with a bolt pattern of 4x101.6mm
  • The thickness of 1.5" and bore size of 68.5mm
  • Made with heat-treated and hardened 10.9-grade bolts pre-installed

These wheel spacers offer a safe and effective way to enhance the look and performance of your ride.

With high-quality materials and a user-friendly design, they're sure to be a hit with golf cart owners everywhere.

Best for Increased Maneuverability and Greater Offset

Orion Motor Tech OMT 4x100 Wheel Spacers

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Why We Think It is a Great Option

Can you believe how many positive reviews the Orion Motor Tech OMT 4x100 Wheel Spacers have received?

Customers are giving positive feedback about the perfect fit, solid construction, and increased stability they provide for their golf carts.

Not only do they make your cart look better, but they also make it feel better to ride. Plus, they're easy to install and come with quality hardware.

If you're a golf cart owner,  these spacers will fit, don't hesitate to give them a try. They're definitely worth the investment!


This kit comes with everything you need to add 4 inches to your axle track and improve your vehicle's cornering, handling, and control.

Top Features and Specifications:

  • Made from solid blocks of T6 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Includes 16 Dacromat-coated bolts t
  • Unique slots on the rear face
  • Backed by OMT's strong 2-year warranty

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the performance and stability of their golf cart, go-cart, or ATV.

This product is made from premium materials and has unique features for easy usage and longer service life, giving you the peace of mind and performance boost you need to take your off-road adventures to the next level.

Best for Increased Ground Clearance and Improved Appearance

KSP 4x4 Wheel Spacers for Golf Cart

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Why We Think It is a Great Option

Do you want to improve the stability and appearance of your golf cart? The KSP 4x4 Wheel Spacers are worth considering! Customers love the perfect fit, high quality, and easy installation of these spacers.

They provide the necessary clearance for larger tires and lift kits, while also giving your cart a sleeker look.


These spacers are designed to move your wheels 2 inches further out from the wheel hub, allowing for larger tire installations and giving your ride a more aggressive stance.

Some of their top features and specifications include:

  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminum billet for lightweight but high durability and strength
  • Heat-treated and hardened 10.9-grade geometry bolts for strength and efficient vibration elimination
  • Black anodized surface for additional corrosion resistance
  • Can fix brake caliper clearance and tire friction issues
  • Increases cornering stability
  • Quantity: 4 PCS

These are a great choice for those looking to improve the look and performance of their ride.

With their high-quality build, compatibility with many golf carts, and increased stability and tire clearance, these spacers are sure to enhance your driving experience.

And with a 30-day refund and 24-month free replacement warranty, you can purchase with confidence!

Best Golf Cart Wheel Spacers Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for the perfect wheel spacers to improve the look and performance of your golf cart? With so many options available, it can be hard to know which ones are best.

You don’t want to make a mistake and end up with an inferior product that won’t last or provide the desired results. And we all know how expensive it can be if we get it wrong!

The search is over my friend! We have done all the research for you so you can purchase with confidence! Get ready to enjoy improved stability and aesthetics on the green with our top-rated wheel spacers today!

Should I put wheel spacers on my golf cart?

Whether or not to put wheel spacers on your golf cart depends on your personal preference and the specific needs of your cart.

What do wheel spacers do on a golf cart?

Wheel spacers on a golf cart increase the distance between the wheels, providing better stability and more clearance for larger tires or wider wheels.

Do wheel spacers of golf carts affect anything?

They can affect the handling and stability of the cart if they are not installed properly or if they are too thick for the cart's specifications.

Is it safe to use spacers on wheels?

When installed correctly and used within safe limits, wheel spacers are generally safe to use on golf carts.

What is the disadvantage of a wheel spacer?

They can put additional stress on the wheel bearings and suspension components, which can lead to premature wear over time.

How can I make my golf cart more stable?

You can consider adding features such as wider tires, a lift kit, or upgraded suspension components.

What are the pros and cons of spacers?

The pros of using wheel spacers include improved stability and traction while driving off-road, increased customization options for your golf cart's appearance, and enhanced performance potential with larger tires or wider wheels.

The cons include potential safety issues if installed improperly or used beyond recommended limits, added stress on suspension components, and increased risk of tire failure due to increased leverage forces acting on them.

Will bigger wheels make my golf cart faster?

Bigger wheels alone will not necessarily make your golf cart faster, but they may improve acceleration if paired with other performance upgrades such as a higher-torque motor or upgraded controller.

Do spacers affect ride quality?

It can affect ride quality by altering the geometry of the suspension system and potentially causing vibrations or instability at high speeds if poorly installed or used beyond recommended limits.

Do I need an alignment after the spacer?

It is recommended to have an alignment performed after installing wheel spacers to ensure proper tracking and prevent uneven tire wear over time due to altered suspension geometry.

Golf Cart Wheel Spacers - Get Your Cart Rolling Now!

So there you have it, folks! If you want to spice up your golf cart and glide smoothly through the green, wheel spacers are the way to go.

And with ReviewRoutine's careful selection process, you won't have to worry about getting a dud. Don't be left in the dust - get your cart rolling now with some wheel spacers! Happy golfing!

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